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Setting up APC custom template, do I need Bomes or can I do this standard mapping?

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Setting up APC custom template, do I need Bomes or can I do this standard mapping?

Post by Ninjazz on Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:55 am

Essentially what I want to do is set up my APC40 to more easily access effects on the fly in Live. First I ran into an issue where I disliked having to scroll across to access the return channels and their effects/fader etc. I wished there was a way I could just one click and get to my send effects, change parameters on the fly, fade the effects in and out. I suppose to have the Device Control stay with the return channels though that would mean no insert effect control.

So anyways I then thought of using dummy clips to hold effects but the issue is that they don't really work like return tracks. You can't fade in/out the effect out separate from the dry signal for starters. Too with an effects rack you have to mouse select the effect in the effects rack to get the controls to pop up for the APC40 where as I'd rather that when I launch the clip that has the effect on it I instantly have access to the parameters of that effect in the Device Control section.

At any rate hoping to get some advice/idea as to what I got to do to make this work. Can I just alter the standard mapping or do I need to look at some kinda MIDI bridge or other software to help me customize the APC40 to my needs? Essentially I want to be able to bring instruments in/out with the faders and add and tweak effects easily upon those instruments. Do it all with minimal looking at the computer screen, like if I was working with a large mixing console.

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: Setting up APC custom template, do I need Bomes or can I do this standard mapping?

Post by S4racen on Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:56 pm

You'll either need to learn python and program a remote script, look up Hanz Petrovs work on the Ableton forum...

Or get into Max4Live.... www,isotonikstudios.com does exactly as you ask giving you the ability to switch the encoders into preprogrammed banks of controls...



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