Has anyone tried to replace the device and track control encoders on the APC-40, With the push button bank encoders from the MPD-32 or MPK-25,49 etc. I'm not sure why Akai didn't think of this as a standard feature, since they already had the technology from previous controllers. Having the push button functionality would work great as a way to kill frequency or select items. I'm not sure it can even be done, If so I'm thinking it would probably take a bit of software programing. I'm sure there is someone out there up to the challenge, in which case I'd would pay someone to do. I spent 2 weeks trying to learn code. I started to feel like a mad scientist staying awake all hours reading and it drove my wife insane. I think sometimes my wife would rather i spend my time at strip clubs or with another woman, Then in my studio screwing around with music and gear. If anyone has accomplished this, tried or thought of doing this. Please let me know. Maybe someone with midi fighter experience could help.