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Free Max for Live Devices for the APC40 (& more) !!!

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Free Max for Live Devices for the APC40 (& more) !!!

Post by natecraypo on Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:25 pm

Howdy y'all. I've got a good number of fairly useful M4L devices available for free DL through *maxforlive.com...

*APC40 Momentary Solos - Very simple: this device, when activated, alters the behavior of the APC40's solo buttons to function as momentary switches. The LED feedback is reversed. The buttons resume their normal behavior upon deactivatingthis device. This device is bankable.

*APC40 Foot-Switcher - This device expands the functionality of the APC40's foot-switch controls. For each foot-switch, the user can select which track, device
and parameter to control via the drop-down menus given in the interface.The user can also establish a list of presets, saving preferred behaviors for the foot-switches.

Foot-switch on and off values are automatically set as the chosen parameter's minimum and maximum values. These on and off values can be altered to the users' liking and saved within a preset. The user can also determine whether each foot-switch behaves as a toggle switch (pushon / push off) or a momentary switch (push on / release off). These attributes can, likewise, be saved in a preset.

*Track Armer - Very simple: this device, when activated, arms the currently selected track while disarming the previously selected track.

*Clip Recorder - This device is meant to streamline my process for recording loops while performing. The device has one live.button which will fire the currently highlighted clip slot. Clip lengths are determined either manually, by re-engaging the 'Fire!!!' button while recording, or by having been set by the user and looped playback is initiated automatically.

All other details can be found in an informational sub-patcher made visible by clicking the "info" button at the bottom of the UI.

*PathFinder - This patch is mostly for educational purposes, meaning it doesn't reallydo anything cool. It's a tool I made so I could give myself a more
immediate visual interface between device parameters and their respective paths.

This device can also be used to expedite the collection of a list of path messages with which to control parameters. A tutorial on this is provided in an informational subpatcher made visible by clicking the "Click Here" button.

Links are preceded by an asterisk (*). Enjoy responsibly. Please let me know if you post any music you make using these devices online. I always like to hear what people are making. Also, feel free to check out some of *my stuff.

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Re: Free Max for Live Devices for the APC40 (& more) !!!

Post by S4racen on Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:55 pm

Fantastic work mate, i'm sure people will have questions on these!!



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