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Isotonik 7 - Coming Soon!

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Isotonik 7 - Coming Soon!

Post by S4racen on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:21 pm

Work continues on Isotonik 7 designed specifically with live DJ performance in mind....

Got all the looping scene done:

Set 1, 2 or 4 bar loops on four tracks without having to focus on a clip first!
Halve and Double Loop either by moving the start or end of loop point
Move a loop forwards and backwards by a bar at a time or it's length
See visually whether a clip is set to loop and how this relates to the playing position, Green = Clip is set to loop but playing position has not yet enterered the loop brace, Orange = In the loop brace, Red = loop is set to on (which'll stop an automatic follow action of playing the clip below) but the playing position has passed the loop end point so the clip will just play out......

Got a great team of Beta testers on board and have already seen the device go from 30% CPU at Standstill to around 8%

One device does all the work so far, a recover device is likely to be added for drumrack stuff....

You can configure how the sixteen encoders work, mine are set up to work like a DJ Mixer in Pan mode whilst in Send A mode they handle a set of effects on each track....

There's a pop up window that shows you where you are and allows you to record you reset values for each encoder, separate for each bank....

And i've just started on incorporating the Sm4rt Knob effect into the device giving you 8 quickly accessible Sm4rt knobs....

The final piece of work for now will be a rewrite of the Dummy effect, now that everything is controlled by Isotonik you can create really powerful dummy clips, say track one set send A at Full, Loop 4 bars, and then modulate the return tracks rack at the same time for 16 bars resetting everything back at the end...!

I know lots of people are raving over Stutter Edit, so one of the scenes is likely to give you clip launch control over four tracks and then 44 midi assignable buttons to control anything else you want to map to Ableton or otherwise, Serato control maybe??

Feedback as ever is greatly appreciated!



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