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Octop4d - Max4Live device for Novations Launchpad (Video)

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Octop4d - Max4Live device for Novations Launchpad (Video)

Post by S4racen on Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:06 pm


I've been working for the last few months on a device that would turn my Novation Launchpad into a true partner for my APC40.

My aim for this device was to create 8 scenes of functionality accessable through User 2 Mode...

Each scene is mulitlayered with the use of the Scene Launch Buttons and Bank Select Buttons...

Shuffl3r - A fully controllable alternative to Max4Lives Buffer Shuffler allowing you to arrange audio on the fly, reverse or mute slices in 1/8ths...

Eff3cts - Think of a beat repeat that can do quantized repeats at 64ths, 32nds, 16ths, 8ths, 1/4rs and half bars, now think of being able to trigger it at any eighth of the last bar so you can catch the snare, the kick etc. Add to the scen a set of tempo synced Gater's / Filters and Bit Crush effects. And finally 4 different speed Turnatable Stops and Reverses...

Loop3r - With control of the 8 tracks in the clip launch rectangle of either the Launchpad or an Akai APC40 you can get visual indication of clips that are playing and are able to set a bar, 2 bars, 4 bars or an 8 bar loop. Once set (works on existing loops as well) you can halve or double the length of the loop by choosing to move either the end or the start point of the loop. You can also shift the loop brace backwards or forwards, by a bar at a time or by the length of the loop itself...

S3nd / R3turn - With the clip launch grid and the bank select buttons you can choose to take control of 1 send across 8 tracks or 8 sends on 1 track or alternatively take control of the 8 macros of a rack within one of your return tracks. The buttons act as toggles in that you can jump straight to a value and back to zero with two presses giving you the ability to stab audio to a return track, great when used with any form of delay effect, try it with a ping pong delay and catch the snare...!

M1di - Today there are 8 pages of midi buttons, starting at cc0 and going up to cc63 per page you can set the buttons to work on a momentary or toggle basis, with an IAC Driver on a MAC or Midi Yoke for Windows these buttons can be mapped directly within Live or used to control a drumrack. This scene however is fully customisable to create any mapping you'd like with any lighting feedback possible, group buttons, have sliders, create an X/Y grid with Z feedback when you press a button, i'm more than happy to offer support to anyone wanting to create their own, think of it like an advanced midi editor (it's not that pretty but it works seamlessly)

Drumr4ck - This is a simple step sequencer type device that works with a R3ceiver device placed before a drum rack, it gives you control over 8 banks of 8 samples that you can trigger on the 8ths of a bar (swing is controllable as well). The different banks can be selected manually by using the scene launch buttons or the Receiver device can be configured to jump to a particular bank when you launch a specific clip, maybe when you launch an acapella you can have the sample chopped up into 1/8ths to add to the overall mix...

Util1ty - Using Live api calls and keystroke emulation this scene is what i use when i'm constructing DJ sets, i need to quickly change views so all that you think of are selectable, i need to be able to warp clips quickly so one button sets 1.1.1 here and warps straight from that point, i can cut copy paste, switch windows to Itunes, open and focus on the browser and load clips from there, theres too many to list so i've detailed them in the manual...

That makes 7 scenes so far with one to go, user testing has meant i'm already at version 1.3.3 of the device and will continue to develop it as time progresses, as it dovetails nicely with my APC40 i find that i don't use every scene in every set i play but i switch between a few and leave the launchpad sitting there as the perfect partner to my main control surface...

I'd recommend a minimum of 3GB of RAM for running the device and it's been created in Live 8.2.1 with Max 5.1.7.

The end of the video acts as a set up guide to show you how to crate your own template using Octop4d, the Receiver and Windows Midi Receiver which are all ready for download from the shared folder that you can subscribe to through my blog thestudiosessions.co.uk

Audio in the video comes courtesy of WaLLy who you can here more from at his Soundcloud pagesoundcloud.com/​wally-00



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