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Conflicts between The Apc 40 & Korg nano key

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Conflicts between The Apc 40 & Korg nano key

Post by Grant Carlisle on Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:50 am

I have kind of a strange problem some of the keys on the Apc 40 are note keys when doing remaps of some of the button for the apc 40 ableton gets confused thinking that when I hit E2, D2 so on and so fourth on the Nano that I actually mean 1/E2 1/D2 so on and so fourth on the remaps that i have done on the Apc. The only way around this is to turn off the Midi ports remote input and output on the Nano now however i can not use the CC Mode on the nano which kind of sucks. anyone have any ideas on what i might be doing wrong or how i can fix this. I called Korg and their tech support sucks they just wants to argue that this is impossible. However the guy i spoke to at Akai says that he can see how this is might be possible but has no idea on how to fix this issue. Is there anyway to go into ableton or with the use of another program and rename not remap these note keys on the Apc 40.

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Grant Carlisle

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