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Midi value jumping with on/off inverted ??? Youtube Vid

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Midi value jumping with on/off inverted ??? Youtube Vid

Post by h4ndcrafted on Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:55 pm

Vid of issue... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4ZiJu3Vp90

I have eq 8 to act as a basic hipass.

I map 1 apc40 encoder (in this case pan/trckcontrl 5)

This works fine until I map the on/off botton and set it to invert. Obviously I want to do this so the eq 8 switches on as I sweep the eq.

Thing is, when I do this the eq switches on but jumps right up the freq (straight to the highest value) rather than sweeping up gradually.

As I say if i don't map the on/off it work and sweep slowely through the range as I turn the encoder.

Anybody know why this is, bc when I have mapped say Sonalksis tbk1 to do this task (I map the bypass instead of on/off) it works fine. I guess it is bc I'm mapping the bypass on the plugin rather than on/off device)

I should also add that this is repeatable with ableton auto filter etc.

How would I map this otherwise without having an on/off switch assigned ? Obviously I don't want eq8 or auto filter on all the time as it is going to cut some freq. I noticed some ppl had HP filter mapped to track control, how do they turn them on and off without inverting a bypass or on/off switch ?


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