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Follow Actions @ Clip End + Momentary Dummy CLips (Solved!)

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Follow Actions @ Clip End + Momentary Dummy CLips (Solved!)

Post by S4racen on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:56 pm

One of the biggest changes i'd like to see made to Ableton is the ability to have a follow action at clip end.... With my first Isotonik modular device a simple affair called F0llow this is achieved....

As i was developing the device it struck me thanks to a reminder with WillJMarshall's DJ Template Redux that it's been a while since i toyed with dummy clips, again i dropped these in the past because i couldn't quite achieve what i wanted with them e.g. momentary control, i wanted clips set to gate that would effect the signal as long as they were pressed but when released all effects should return to zero. There is a cool workaround if you just want to turn an effect on and off but if you wanted more complicated patterns this became impossible without some midi loopback business occuring...

The brief video linked below demonstrates how the new feature works solving both problems...


The device is available to all members of the Isotonik dropbox, membership of which is a simple click of the paypal buy now button to the right...



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