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Max4Live.....! Sm4rt Knob....!

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Max4Live.....! Sm4rt Knob....!

Post by S4racen on Mon May 10, 2010 1:32 pm

Hi All,

Many of the max4live devices so far concentrate on producing, as a DJ i've tried to focus on performing live devices and so my latest device is inspired by the work of Matt Moldover and Ean Golden's work on smart knobs....

Sm4rt allows the user to draw the behaviour of a macro over the course of 127 steps, this is then controlled by one knob allowing you to for example.....

Have a filter that increases in frequency to a point and then allow the resonance to rise whilst an LFO climbs.....

Have a phazer that goes to full wet by half way and then have a beatrepeat kick in with an autopan gater climbing at the 3/4 mark....

The uses are endless merely limited by the 8 macros of a rack..... I've designed it so it will work with a rack of up to 8 chains and can control up to 3 different racks placed after the device....

As my videos in the past have been long drawn out affairs with me talking cockney throughout them the video below is a quick audio demonstration of what the device can do.....


Any questions, feedback let me have it!!



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