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Changing Modes?

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Changing Modes?

Post by wbowers on Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:51 pm

I was just blown away with the video showing an APC40 change to a drum pad. I was wondering if anyone was willing to share this little secret.
I know that you need bomes, which I have just gotten.

Im thinking that they are switching to midi channels that re not native to the APC. Channels 10-16 I believe.
Am I on the right track?


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Re: Changing Modes?

Post by S4racen on Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:14 am

Hi Mate,

First you need to select a shift button, look up global variables on the bomes forum... Then you need to create two presets, the first will contain a translator for every pad you want to have dual function, each pad will have two translators...

1 = allow standard midi message through as shift is off
2 = output different midi message on as you suggested it channel 16

each translator needs to have the swallow midi messages box selected....

The second preset is to control the lights.... effectively you need to create a translator for every pad that records the last state of the pad when shift was held, and assigns this to a global variable.... When you press shift again Bomes needs to then be instructed to check for the value of the global variable per pad and send the coreesponding midi message to the APC40....

The best advice i can give is not to use the shift button on the apc as your shift button, it sends sysex and stuff that makes it harder to create your preset....



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